Food Allergies: Emergency Food Stash

This is one of those allergy posts. I said I’d discuss allergies and here it is. With kids who can’t eat out due to corn allergies (where’s the corn?) I have to plan ahead more than most people perhaps. While so many “preppers” are concerned about an emergency food stash in case of a catastrophic event, I’m more worried about having something for if a kid breaks their arm and we spend several hours in an emergency room or urgent care. We can’t just have Grandma bring us Chick-fil-a. This is probably far more likely (especially knowing my 2-year-old who already has had an urgent care trip). To address this I’ve come up with three things.

emergency food1


Stock the Freezer

My goal is to keep meals in the freezer. I had quite a few meals in their during my pregnancy but that’s a pretty depleted stash now though. Over the next month I want to stock my freezer. My method is pretty simple: double freezer-friendly recipes and freeze them. I particular want to freeze the meals that have a short amount of time from freezer-to-the-table. Canning meals would also be a great idea and would cover power outages but isn’t one I’m up to quite yet.

Emergency Food Bag

This is a bag that I’ll keep in the freezer with some non-messy, filling, snack type foods. This is the bag I can grab (or ask someone to grab) if we’re heading out unexpectedly for no idea how long (urgent care visits). I plan to keep homemade sausage balls, sliced carrots, gummies, and some butter buttons (fat is very filling) in it. These will be put separately in small ziploc and then placed in one large one and kept easily accessible in the deep freezer. Since I will be keeping in the deep freezer it should be okay for six months and then I’ll pull it out and trade in new snacks.

Stock The Car

I’m going to also keep some snacks in the car. These need to be snacks that can handle very hot temperatures in the car and stay good long term. I think nuts and dried fruit are both good for these conditions. 

I think this plan should work. Last time I grabbed half a block of cheese for our urgent care trip and was thankful my husband had a pocket knife to slice it with. If you or your child has food allergies do you keep an emergency food stash? 

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  1. Corn Allergy Girl says:

    Awesome post! A couple additions about my version of this:

    – I actually quadruple or even sextuple my daily meals and freeze them. I freeze soup in pint size mason jars and take the whole mason jar to work to eat. The jar is microwave safe and a standard-size beer coozy keeps the soup warm and my fingers cool. (I microwave the jar outside of the coozy and then when it’s done cooking screw the lid back on and hold it by the lid to insert it in the coozy without burning myself.) I do non-soup meals in Pyrex 3-cup rectangular glass containers to make a “tv dinner.” This also works as grab-and-go for work lunches.

    – When I do snack mixes such as my homemade trail mix, granola, dehydrated fruit, or similar, I portion them into single servings in vacuum-seal bags and keep them in the freezer to increase shelf life. I live in a humid climate and things go stale and moldy quickly so even when vacuum sealing I like to hedge my bets by freezing.

  2. Karen says:

    I am a huge fan of muffins and I try to keep some in the freezer so I can grab and go if I need to. I also generally keep pre-sliced seeded nut bread which, along with a nut butter (or plain with tea) makes a filling meal (I bake with nut flours). In a pinch, I keep some canned tuna (I canned) in the truck because it keeps well and I can just grab Mary’s Gone Crackers and have a meal. I do some 1/4 pint jars just for this. I always have raw almonds in the truck, and often KIND bars in winter (just the plain nut ones). I also keep a fork, spoon, and sharp knife in the glove box in case I need to stop somewhere and pick up an avocado for lunch. I also carry salt and pepper. Almost always some “Mary’s Gone Crackers” are in there…. But in a pinch I can make do with raw almonds….. But it’s just me, no kids so it’s far far easier. Oh, and tea. I find that if I have safe tea, my day goes better even if I’m broke down alongside a road somewhere….so I put my own tea bags in there and add hot water to my water bottle along with my tea. I cook one weekend every few weeks and make about six things and portion freeze them so I can grab and go and just add salad and fresh veggies. Makes my life easier since I do payroll and it is insane during payroll weeks. Plus, I have a chronic illness so some days just taking a cup of soup out of the freezer is the answer for dinner.

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