Did I Disappear?

No, no I didn’t disappear. I’ve been pregnant. And tired. Very tired. Cooking and loving on my kids was about all I had the energy to do.

Now that our new addition is almost 2 months old, I’m ready to get back to blogging.

2014-02-15 20.53.08

I have a bubbly sourdough starter in my kitchen now just waiting on me to write some new recipes! Ladybug and Bear are constantly clamoring for food and keeping me creative.  I’m working now on streamlining my kitchen time a bit and freezer meals (I’ll be sure to share how this works out! – with my Little Cub hanging out in a wrap cooking with me. I confess I am not soaking/fermenting all our grains, though I do try. Sometimes you have to do your best and right now this is my best (as is not vacuuming enough).

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