Bacon Hash Browns

Hash browns are a classic and for most people come from a bag, alas, they usually have nasty ingredients added (and definitely aren’t corn safe). I wanted to create something at home, especially for my husband who is missing some of his favorites since finding out he might be the reason the kids are allergic to corn. He has started having pretty bad allergic reactions to it.

*As you cut more and more corn out of your diet you initially become more sensitive and eventually it levels out, or so I’m told. So I guess Dada is in the process of becoming more sensitive. We hope once we get on a good groove he will ultimately feel a lot better than he did before though and it will greatly help his eczema that definitely acts up in response to corn!*

So I’m on a mission to replace some old favorites and keep him happy with corn free foods. These bacon hash browns make a delicious breakfast or a great dinner. We just had them with a side of asparagus for dinner.

bacon hash browns

Bacon Hash Browns

3-4lbs of potatoes (I used red potatoes, but russet or yukon should work well)

Bacon (and the grease!), about half a pack

Coconut oil, extra bacon grease, lard, etc





Start frying the bacon in a frying pan (well-seasoned cast iron’s non stick qualities will be nice for this recipe).

Peel potatoes and shred using a cheese grater or a food processor. Then place shredded potatoes into a kitchen towel and over the sink squeeze all the liquid out of them. This will help them crisp up and brown nicely.

Chop your onion, I only used a small amount because we like the flavor but not the onion pieces themselves as much. Use more if you love onions.

Once all the bacon is fried and placed on a plate, add the onions to the bacon grease (on about medium-low to medium heat) and saute until lightly browned. Tear or cut the bacon into small pieces while doing this. Remove onions and place onto the plate. Mix shredded potatoes, bacon, and onions well.

Turn the heat up to about medium to medium-high (I move it back and forth while cooking). Place the shredded potatoes, bacon, and onion mix in a thin layer into the grease and pat down with a spatula. Sprinkle with some salt and pepper at this point. Then flip over. Continue, adding oil as needed, with all of the mix. At the end you can throw all of it together into the frying pan and heat it all up if you had to do several batches.

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